Automating Standing Settlement Instructions

Delivering a single source of accurate settlement data

In financial markets, inaccurate and out of date settlement data is a major cause of trade failure, resulting in additional workloads and operational costs. Having a complete, standardised process for storing account and settlement details, and being able to automate the standing settlement instruction process is key to maintaining the uninterrupted flow of trades.

As a module of our CLM platform, iMeta’s SSI solution consolidates settlement instruction validation rules into a central location and ensures settlement data is consistent and correct. It leverages a certified interface to DTCC ALERT and other sources of settlement data, to enable the automation of SSI maintenance and the rapid onboarding of new accounts – improving efficiency and reducing manual processes.

iMeta’s SSI solution delivers:

  • A significant reduction in the level of trade failures
  • Minimised costs for trade breaks and penalties
  • Reduced manual processes and rekeying changes
  • Immediate access to accurate ‘settlement ready’ Client Account data
  • Improved trading and settlement efficiencies

Features and Benefits of iMeta SSI:

Improved customer service:

The combination of automation and validation features reduces the time it takes for settlement instructions to reach your settlement system(s), whilst also ensuring they are accurate. This prevents settlement failures and its impact on service to customers.

Tailored to fit:

Offers flexibility for customisation in key areas such as in iMeta’s data model, integration layers, validation, and workflow – delivering immediate business benefits to your SSI management.

Flexible integration:

Supporting a range of integration approaches means that iMeta can be delivered using your existing infrastructure. The platform integrates with client onboarding and settlement systems, achieving automated straight-through processing. Settlement instruction data can be distributed to multiple settlement systems, ensuring the centralisation of SSI data across business streams and/or departments.

Standardised processes:

With iMeta as a central repository, the process for managing settlement instructions is consolidated and simplified, so there is one single location in which to audit the SSI management process and run your SSI related reporting.

High quality data:

Having a single tool to manage the validation of SSI data and supporting data, ensures high quality settlement instruction data is achieved. By consolidating SSI validation rules into a single location, it significantly improves data quality and reduces the time it takes to react to changing market best practice.

SSI management experience:

iMeta is delivered by a highly skilled team, with many years of experience delivering automated settlement instruction management. This includes working closely with DTCC, building and maintaining our certified ALERT interface. Our extensive knowledge of integration technologies means we understand the details of market best practice and design our innovative solution to fit each customer’s specific needs.

Golden copy of SSIs:

Having the settlement instruction data centralised in a single repository enables a ‘golden copy’ to be maintained. This reduces the overhead of duplicate maintenance and repair, and consolidates the validation, workflow, and audit process, providing a single, up to date source for distribution.

Competitive advantage:

The combined effect of iMeta’s unique features offers distinct advantages over competitors who use a largely manual settlement instruction management process. Reduced manual effort and associated costs, in conjunction with increased data quality, enhanced audit facility and the ability to adapt to future changes, means clear, measurable results are achieved.

iMeta is trusted by many top tier banks to manage their client journeys, from onboarding through to offboarding, and everything in between.

Why your data is better with iMeta:


Configured by you

iMeta's platform is built with a highly flexible data model and business rules engine that can be configured by you, so you can comply with new classification and regulatory requirements


Integration readiness

iMeta can integrate with numerous complex data sources - external data providers and industry utilities, and internal disparate transaction and records systems; all across multiple jurisdictions, business lines, product areas and roles


Re-usability of data

Data can be re-used across the business - across multiple roles, relationships, hierarchies and jurisdictions, so customers can be identified quickly. This also reduces the need for customers having to repeatedly provide their information


Data mastery

iMeta enables you to unlock your data and re-use it. As the platform is designed around your data rather than process, it understands what information is required and builds the process to collect what is missing


Automated processes

Automates key processes by eliminating unwanted processes and only using the information required. iMeta streamlines your client data management - reducing time and money wasted on unnecessary tasks


Validated Data

Delivers assured continuous, refreshed and validated data. iMeta delivers 'one-touch' data in one central place, connected for your whole organisation to use at any time

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