Always-on Compliance

Do you want peace of mind, knowing that your client data is current and compliant? With iMeta you can now remove the need for time consuming diary reviews of your clients with our ‘Always-on’ regulatory platform.

There is no need to wait for the next review date to make sure you still Know Your Customer (KYC), as the data in iMeta is constantly refreshed. When changes are identified, your policies will be applied, and your staff will only be notified when necessary action is required.

Future-proof your business with an
agile platform that adapts with you

The iMeta Equation

Stronger regulatory compliance without an army!

Your policies are easily automated

iMeta’s regulatory rules engine is built around your policies. Your policy dimensions and requirements can be rapidly configured by your compliance experts. iMeta then answers these requirements by sourcing and validating the data. It will only involve your staff where the information is not available, or judgement is needed, so they are not inundated with pointless tasks when there is no change to the details.

Broad coverage with dynamic application

iMeta can manage all of your regulatory compliance policies; from KYC, Tax, product regulation, and legal requirements. These can be applied dynamically as and when your policies and customers change – so your business can adapt to the evolving regulatory environment.

Audit it all

Keep track of all the changes made, whether from the system or if user generated. When new data is received and the poIicy is applied, iMeta keeps a record of who changed it, when and why. This ensures you have up-to-date records, have a history of what has happened, and can prove what actions have been taken should the regulators coming knocking at your door.

More speed, less complication

Due to the clever way iMeta is designed around your Policies and Data, rather than activities and tasks, it is much more agile and the process is simpler. Therefore, a change in your policy can be implemented quickly and the impact of that change understood in minutes.

Reassuring Control

Policy is created and maintained by your compliance experts. When changes to a policy is required, it can be tested in iMeta, applied in real-time and run retrospectively – so you can be certain that all your records are current and compliant.

Always-on compliance

iMeta Always On Compliance Diagram

Rules engine implements regulatory policies and other data related rules such as data quality and data aggregation

Trigger engine "listens" to incoming data from internal and external data sources and based on rules either updates the record automatically or escalates to operators

iMeta is trusted by many top tier banks to manage their client journeys, from onboarding through to offboarding, and everything in between.

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