Regulatory Client Onboarding
for Financial Services

Regulatory onboarding with customer experience at its forefront

iMeta’s Client Onboarding Software is an innovative solution for onboarding new clients and products rapidly – ensuring water tight global compliance with industry regulations.

Automated client onboarding is key to providing customers with a first-class experience, but this is only the first step.

Typically, most automated onboarding systems are process-heavy and replicate existing inconsistencies in the processing environment. Internal teams tend to have access to their own databases, with humans bridging the gap between these different databases. Systems have been designed to follow a rigid path, but in reality they often fail to do so, and many steps are redundant or superfluous which wastes time. This model is inflexible, and becomes more complex and cumbersome if the operating model differs, for example with different teams, or in different locations.

Inefficient Workflow

iMeta focuses its delivery on ‘light touch’ client onboarding:

In contrast, iMeta has developed a much more efficient client onboarding process through an effective-trigger based ‘light touch’ approach.iMeta’s client onboarding has been built from the ground up, around the data; it doesn’t tie the data up to a specific case or event.
Unlocking the data means that it can easily be re-used across business lines or jurisdictions.

Client Onboarding Workflow

iMeta also gives you access to all your data in a single central hub in real-time. This data is constantly being refreshed and audited, so you can rely on it being accurate and current – giving you ‘always-on’ regulatory compliance. And because iMeta understands what information is required, it builds the process to collect what is missing – it applies your policies to new instructions, checks all of the available data and satisfies as many requirements as possible, before engaging any human intervention. Therefore, the whole process is far more efficient and far faster than many other solutions.

All this means we can provide an automated customer onboarding experience that saves you time, carries out relevant KYC and AML checks and gets your customers up and running in no time – keeping them happy whilst keeping your costs down.

A Complete Onboarding Solution

We’re constantly driven by our goal to provide the best possible customer experience. Because of this, iMeta goes one step further than the competition to deliver a complete client onboarding solution with fully-integrated KYC software and Client Lifecycle Management technology.

Trusted & Tested & Award-Winning

When you choose iMeta you aren’t just choosing any client onboarding platform; you’re choosing a platform built by a team of experts with over 20 years’ expertise. You can be sure of getting a fully-compliant client onboarding and KYC platform. iMeta’s innovative technology has been tried, tested and trusted by some of the biggest names within the banking and financial sectors, including Standard Chartered, HSBC, Investec and Lysis Financial. Our award-winning onboarding software has been recognised by various RiskTech and RegTech Awards.

iMeta is trusted by many top tier banks to manage their client journeys, from onboarding through to offboarding, and everything in between.

Why your data is better with iMeta:


Configured by you

iMeta's platform is built with a highly flexible data model and business rules engine that can be configured by you, so you can comply with new classification and regulatory requirements


Integration readiness

iMeta can integrate with numerous complex data sources - external data providers and industry utilities, and internal disparate transaction and records systems; all across multiple jurisdictions, business lines, product areas and roles


Re-usability of data

Data can be re-used across the business - across multiple roles, relationships, hierarchies and jurisdictions, so customers can be identified quickly. This also reduces the need for customers having to repeatedly provide their information


Data mastery

iMeta enables you to unlock your data and re-use it. As the platform is designed around your data rather than process, it understands what information is required and builds the process to collect what is missing


Automated processes

Automates key processes by eliminating unwanted processes and only using the information required. iMeta streamlines your client data management - reducing time and money wasted on unnecessary tasks


Validated Data

Delivers assured continuous, refreshed and validated data. iMeta delivers 'one-touch' data in one central place, connected for your whole organisation to use at any time

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