Speeding up the KYC process is key to delivering better customer service and faster revenue times.

Stronger regulatory compliance without
an army!

iMeta provides an end-to-end eKYC solution which combines your existing in-house data, vendor data and customer self-service, so you can accelerate compliant customer onboarding and minimise manual effort for both you and your customers.

Customers save time by signing up online to a self-service portal where they can easily submit their details and identity documents.

Because iMeta re-uses centralised data it already holds, and can connect in real-time to external data sources, the data can be pre-populated, quickly checked and verified and the customer’s risk profile and rating can be determined.

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eKYC delivers many benefits to both the firm and customer – ensuring the relationship gets off to a great start:

  • Customers can sign up from anywhere, at any time that is convenient for them
  • Firms can ensure regulatory compliance with accurate up-to-date data at all times
  • Data can be re-used to ensure single source of truth in one place across organisation
  • Rapid onboarding times = faster time to revenue
  • Eliminates mistakes made by manual error, as there is no need to duplicate processes and rekey same information
  • Improves efficiency and control of data through online registration and straight through, real-time processing and verification of KYC data
  • eKYC enables greater costs savings due to automation and the reduction in repetitive data processing
  • Better control over data across organisation with a single source of truth for each client.
  • Delivers transparency and promotes collaboration across business.
  • Creates a solution to facilitate better business decisions, based on a true view of accurate data
  • Improves customer service which leads to enhanced reputation. This in turn leads to a more competitive and agile organisation
iMeta is trusted by many top tier banks to manage their client journeys, from onboarding through to offboarding, and everything in between.

Why your data is better with iMeta:


Configured by you

iMeta's platform is built with a highly flexible data model and business rules engine that can be configured by you, so you can comply with new classification and regulatory requirements


Integration readiness

iMeta can integrate with numerous complex data sources - external data providers and industry utilities, and internal disparate transaction and records systems; all across multiple jurisdictions, business lines, product areas and roles


Re-usability of data

Data can be re-used across the business - across multiple roles, relationships, hierarchies and jurisdictions, so customers can be identified quickly. This also reduces the need for customers having to repeatedly provide their information


Data mastery

iMeta enables you to unlock your data and re-use it. As the platform is designed around your data rather than process, it understands what information is required and builds the process to collect what is missing


Automated processes

Automates key processes by eliminating unwanted processes and only using the information required. iMeta streamlines your client data management - reducing time and money wasted on unnecessary tasks


Validated Data

Delivers assured continuous, refreshed and validated data. iMeta delivers 'one-touch' data in one central place, connected for your whole organisation to use at any time