From onboarding to offboarding and everything in between; our trusted software helps regulated organisations deliver a first-class customer experience whilst meeting their regulatory and compliance obligations.

We’re delighted to be chosen as a core platform for Invidem, the Nordic KYC Utility Read about it here

Delivering Faster Results for You and Your Customers

Customers today expect great service from their providers – quick response times, informed staff, and rapid results.

Gaining a customer’s trust is important from the first point of contact, and firms should deliver seamless experiences from day one. This starts with client onboarding to product delivery, and continues with ongoing service requests throughout the client journey.

iMeta makes it easy to deliver great customer journeys – our platform helps to automate your client interactions; gathering data efficiently and applying relevant compliance policies, such as Know your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks. This allows you to engage with your customers in a rapid and compliant way whilst simplifying your operational processes at the same time. iMeta delivers quick results with greater control – as fast as your customers need it, and faster than the competition.

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Discover our end-to-end platform

The iMeta difference


Improved customer experience

  • Real-time customer journeys, processed in minutes & hours, not days & weeks
  • No more repetitive data requests
  • A vendor that keeps their promises


Always-on compliance

  • Know that your data and perception of risk is up-to-date all the time, not just when a scheduled review is completed
  • Ability to evaluate the impact of policy changes across your client base in real-time


Operational effectiveness

  • Increased operations capacity
  • Eliminate repeat requests and processing of same data multiple times
  • Remove manual processing and errors, simplify your operating model
  • Gain transparency and control


Fast delivery with rapid change

  • Quickly tailor solution to specific needs of business, rather than shoehorning your operating model into a vendor's blueprint
  • IT can react to the needs of your business
  • Avoid expensive upgrade costs

Data Driven Technology

Data is key to a seamless onboarding process and great customer service. iMeta will keep all of your data in one place, constantly refreshed and validated against your firm’s policies.

We also re-use your data rather than recreating it – across multiple roles, relationships, functions and jurisdictions. By leveraging your in-house data and integrating external vendor data sources, the whole system is automated and streamlined, so you can be sure your client data is continually up-to-date and accurate.

And with easy access to your records for reporting, you can keep an audit trail of all your actions and changes, who made them and when, ensuring regulatory compliance globally across your business.


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iMeta configures to fit your business - you don't have to shoehorn your systems to fit

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iMeta consolidates your data from multiple sources into a single central hub of 'truth'

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The platform complies with a complete range of global KYC, AML and regulatory demands

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Puts you in control of your data, globally throughout the organisation