Seamless Back-office Automation

By removing complex manual, time-consuming steps you can deliver real-time experiences to your customers.

Guaranteed results for your customers at all times

Most firms struggle with providing a good customer experience. This is because they do not have a single streamlined system. They have high operating costs due to manual tasks, disjointed internal processes and siloed systems. Therefore, they do not have a true view of their customer or their risk.

iMeta’s innovative platform combines workflow orchestration and an intelligent rules engine with master data management.

It leverages data from internal siloed systems, and integrates with external data vendors, to provide a fully automated solution, which only requires human intervention when flagged as an exception.

By removing the complex manual, time-consuming steps, firms can deliver real-time experiences for their customers.

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The iMeta Equation

iMeta Technologies thinks differently

Focus on customer needs

Most client lifecycle management tools address customer due diligence, not product set up – they focus on the bank’s obligations rather than their customer’s needs. We think differently; getting the customer onboarded includes setting up their products and getting their accounts opened and operational.

Exception-based client data management

iMeta’s default setting is ‘Automatic’, as it has been designed to cut unnecessary processes. It leverages data from internal siloed systems and integrates with external data vendors to provide a fully automated solution which only requires staff intervention when flagged as an exception; therefore speeding up onboarding and customer checks, reducing errors and increasing operational capacity.

Real-time setup

Built to connect to and update your internal systems, iMeta’s platform doesn’t just manage policy. It connects your customer’s request to your policies and your back-office systems, which is the only way to deliver rapid results – in seconds and minutes.

Full Re-use of data

iMeta is designed to fully re-use your customer and entity data across multiple roles, relationships, hierarchies and jurisdictions – providing a single source of truth across the whole organisation.

Adapts to fit the business

Policies and workflows can be pre-configured, covering AML, OTC, Tax, Investor Protection and SSI, with integrated risk scoring across multiple jurisdictions.

Make changes easily

Changes can be made easily in one place; so when a change is made it perpetuates everywhere – so it is controlled in its own integrated environment, reducing testing and development time. Because the configuration is accessible and separate from the platform code, it is easy to update by firms themselves, using their own low-cost resources, thus saving time and money and lowering the risk of the system breaking.


Client onboarding is just the start of the customer journey. We can help you manage the whole journey from onboarding and KYC / AML compliance, through to account and product set up. And this can cover multi-product and multi-jurisdiction onboarding – putting your customer first, at the heart of everything.




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