Innovative Agile Technology

Purpose-built from the ground up by an expert team with many years of experience in the financial services industry.

Innovation for the financial industry

Firms are often managing complex business relationships in a heavily regulated environment. By focusing on what the client needs and taking control of data in one central place, organisations can improve their business opportunities while delivering customer engagement and satisfaction.

Onboarding new clients and managing your compliance obligations has never been easier. As a low-code technology platform, iMeta has been tailored to fit the specific requirements of regulated firms, and can be rapidly configured for data, policy and process.

Configuration and code changes are made within a single place in the system to ensure consistency; so you know when you make a change that is perpetrates throughout. This takes less development and testing time, and by controlling the change in a single place with its own integrated testing environment, you can easily affect change across the whole system quickly, without it breaking.

Because iMeta is easily configured in-house, a firm’s own low-cost resources can be used to make changes – ensuring control and cost containment.

The configuration is separate from the platform code, therefore when you need to upgrade you don’t need to re-implement your customisations time and time again.

With rich API’s for integration to your own systems, iMeta will deliver full end-to-end automation; removing duplicated processes and data so you have a central system with a single source of truth.

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Customer journeys should be measured in minutes and hours, not days and weeks.

iMeta is trusted by many top tier banks to manage their client journeys, from onboarding through to offboarding, and everything in between.

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