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Why iMeta is the best CLM choice for Capital Markets

iMeta delivers client lifecycle management software to firms within Wholesale, Corporate, Institutional Banking and Capital Markets. Our solution can deal with the complex nature of multi-product, cross-border onboarding.
Built by trusted experts, our proven platform can onboard customers, manage KYC and AML compliance and accelerate end-to-end compliant customer journeys – so financial institutions can meet their global regulatory compliance obligations whilst delivering a great customer experience from day one of onboarding.

Here’s why iMeta is such a good fit:

  1. We have an out of the box regulatory rules set designed for capital markets, so you can comply with the most complex requirements
  2. We can operate onboarding across multiple products and have a configurable, multi jurisdiction risk engine that enables global operations with regional differences
  3. iMeta can handle complex hierarchies and holdings for UBO’s (ultimate beneficial owners)
  4. We re-use the data you hold across business lines and jurisdictions, and by sourcing data from external providers, iMeta’s CLM software masters the data and automates the process, so you can deliver the response customers expect.
  5. The platform includes API integration to external data vendors and internal systems for rapid straight through processing of customer data
  6. Delivers continuous ‘always-on’ perpetual KYC and AML regulatory compliance
  7. iMeta can cover the full lifecycle of a customer – from onboarding, KYC and AML, through to getting ready to trade.
  8. As long-standing experts in CLM we work with you and deliver on our promises; to ensure our software deployment is rapid, cost effective and integrates well into our customers environment.

Get a demo today and we’ll show you how you can future -proof your business, deliver a first-class experience to your customers, and get up and trading more quickly to maximise your competitive advantage.

Client Onboarding: Financial Services

iMeta’s automated, compliant Client Journey software enables financial institutions to rapidly onboard their customers, carry out relevant KYC and anti-money laundering checks, and deliver a speedy service to their customers. By using iMeta, financial institutions can focus on delivering a great customer experience whilst ensuring they are managing and maintaining their client records in real-time, within a single central hub, across the organisation for every jurisdiction.

The software offers an end-to-end solution and covers multiple financial services industries including:

  • Wholesale banking
  • Investment Banking and corporate finance
  • Broker / Dealers
  • Corporate / Business Banking

iMeta’s platform offers a complete set of regulatory rules and policies together with workflows for onboarding and ongoing reviews as a starting point and can be rapidly tailored to the specific needs of your business – so you get a solution that fits your needs and therefore maximises your efficiencies.

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