iMeta Client Lifecycle Management Software for Accelerated, Compliant Customer Journeys

Client Lifecycle Management for
Improved Customer Experiences

Customers expect great service in today’s digital age. They want to be dealt with quickly and efficiently and they expect immediate results. iMeta CLM has been enabling businesses within the financial sector to provide accelerated, fully-compliant customer journeys.

By delivering seamless experiences from day one, our Client Lifecycle Management technology allows firms to start building great relationships – gaining customer’s trust and loyalty, whilst maximising revenue opportunities.

iMeta’s End-to-end CLM Solution

Effective Client Lifecycle Management goes beyond simple onboarding. It offers customers easy, rapid, real-time journeys; from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between – delivering a complete, accurate, single view of your customer data throughout the organisation, and ensuring your CLM remains compliant with KYC and AML regulatory requirements at all times.

Our end-to-end Client Lifecyle Management software automates processes rather than replicating them. It can perform multiple steps in parallel, so doesn’t need to involve numerous teams and systems at different times. Staff only need to get involved by exception when needed. Because the platform can deal with the complexity of your organisation and connects to people only when new information is required, there is no need for endless messages, phone calls, emails and spreadsheets.

We understand the variations in data and policies, and our cohesive approach to managing data (data mastery) enables firms to join their organisation up into a central hub of client data across jurisdictions and regions.

What is Client Lifecycle Management?

By its simplest definition, Client Lifecycle Management, also referred to as Customer Lifecycle Management or CLM, refers to the journey the customer undertakes as they go through the buying cycle. In addition it can refer to the operations team within a regulated institution that undertakes the onboarding and on-going management of customer records.

By ensuring an efficient, customer-focused client lifecycle management process, businesses improve their chances of developing positive relationships with their customers early on, which can often lead to increased customer loyalty.

Benefits of iMeta CLM Software

Organisations often manage complex business relationships within a heavily regulated environment. Good client lifecycle management isn’t simply about processing the customer’s due diligence, it’s about giving the customer what they asked for.

By re-using the data you hold across business lines and jurisdictions, and by sourcing data from external providers, iMeta’s CLM software masters the data and automates the process, so you can deliver the response customers expect.

Focusing on your customers and rapidly providing them with the correct products and information will deliver engagement and satisfaction; growing your business opportunities and enhancing your reputation.

Our client lifecycle management solution delivers significant benefits and future-proofs your business with a solution that grows with you:

Provides first class customer experience

Delivers continuous 'always-on' compliance

Replaces manual systems with automated light-touch technology

Unifies customer view across multiple systems, products and jurisdictions

Streamlines customer journeys, drives profitability, and enhances credibility

The iMeta difference

At iMeta, we have many years of experience delivering award-winning client lifecycle management to financial institutions.
In contrast to many other Client Lifecycle Management systems, iMeta’s proven Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) software is fast, thorough and always compliant.


Improved customer experience

  • Real-time customer journeys, processed in minutes & hours, not days & weeks
  • No more repetitive data requests
  • A vendor that keeps their promises


Always-on compliance

  • Know that your data and perception of risk is up-to-date all the time, not just when a scheduled review is completed
  • Ability to evaluate the impact of policy changes across your client base in real-time


Operational effectiveness

  • Increased operations capacity
  • Eliminate repeat requests and processing of same data multiple times
  • Remove manual processing and errors, simplify your operating model
  • Gain transparency and control


Fast delivery with rapid change

  • Quickly tailor solution to specific needs of business, rather than shoehorning your operating model into a vendor's blueprint
  • IT can react to the needs of your business
  • Avoid expensive upgrade costs

iMeta is trusted by many top tier banks to manage their client journeys, from onboarding through to offboarding, and everything in between.

Why your data is better with iMeta:


Configured by you

iMeta's platform is built with a highly flexible data model and business rules engine that can be configured by you, so you can comply with new classification and regulatory requirements


Integration readiness

iMeta can integrate with numerous complex data sources - external data providers and industry utilities, and internal disparate transaction and records systems; all across multiple jurisdictions, business lines, product areas and roles


Re-usability of data

Data can be re-used across the business - across multiple roles, relationships, hierarchies and jurisdictions, so customers can be identified quickly. This also reduces the need for customers having to repeatedly provide their information


Data mastery

iMeta enables you to unlock your data and re-use it. As the platform is designed around your data rather than process, it understands what information is required and builds the process to collect what is missing


Automated processes

Automates key processes by eliminating unwanted processes and only using the information required. iMeta streamlines your client data management - reducing time and money wasted on unnecessary tasks


Validated Data

Delivers assured continuous, refreshed and validated data. iMeta delivers 'one-touch' data in one central place, connected for your whole organisation to use at any time

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