The missing piece of the client onboarding puzzle

The Fast and Seamless Approach

What if you could move seamlessly through client on-boarding to trade readiness in one harmonised process?
Ideally, when the front office brings in a new client and initiates the onboarding process, this process – from document gathering, to compliance, to credit and legal checks will be managed in a single harmonised process. This kind of end-to-end approach can bring many benefits as the more progressive financial institutions are finding.
But many client onboarding solutions available in the marketplace are missing a crucial element: integrating account and settlement data. This is what would enable them to seamlessly move from onboarding to booking, confirming and settling trades.
To truly reap the benefits of a single holistic approach to onboarding, account and
settlement data for all the products and geographies required by the client relationship must be integrated to enable firms to book, confirm and settle trades moving quickly from initiation to trade readiness.
Without this final step, the client onboarding process is in effect incomplete, raising the prospect of additional delays and costs, regulatory risk and reputational risk.

iMeta the missing piece of puzzle

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