Why Integrity is such a Big Differentiator

With many vendors offering similar solutions with indistinct comparison communications, it is easy to see why it is becoming more difficult for firms to compare and benchmark solutions within the CLM space. Are those extra features, or small subtle differences between offerings really enough?

We have all come to expect quality, ease of use, efficiency, and cost effectiveness when we make a purchase – that’s a given.

So, what really matters when deciding on a CLM vendor. Obviously, financial institutions are looking for a comprehensive solution that can manage end-to-end onboarding across multiple products and multiple jurisdictions, that ensures customers are onboarded rapidly, accurately and in line with up-to-date regulatory requirements.

But what also matters is whether you can trust your vendor to do the job in hand. That trust is what makes us feel comfortable about making that leap to engage with a partner who will be responsible for delivering what we have been sold at the start of the process.

We have all heard the snake oil salesman stories; about someone who sells some valueless solution that is not fit for purpose. Over the past few years, due to a few ‘not so successful as hoped projects,’ prospective buyers are taking a more cautious approach, not wanting to fall into the trap of buying a solution that might not quite be delivering what they thought they were originally getting, or one that has only half delivered within the timeframe, and the costs are now spiraling out of control.

And who would blame them? According to a previously published report by The Standish Group, less than a third of IT projects were deemed as successful by being completed on time and budget, with all the promised functionality.

With this in mind, what financial firms are looking for is trustworthiness, good communication, transparency, integrity, and customer support.

These are huge differentiators and ones we think puts us ahead of the competition.

Integrity is about doing what you say you’re going to do and sticking by your commitments. It’s about being honest and truthful, and upholding the values that make up your organization.
We genuinely want our clients to succeed, so we have developed a trusted global CLM solution for large corporate and institutional customers/counterparties that can deal with the onboarding of multiple products, and complex UBO hierarchies and holdings across borders, so firms can ensure that they can manage their KYC and AML compliance obligations whilst delivering a great customer experience from day one.

With a proven track record in this market, we pride ourselves in never having a failed project. This is because communication and transparency are key to successful project delivery.
Reputation is everything, as is our clients’. iMeta strives to build long lasting relationships with our clients, so from the outset we don’t over promise or try to sell a solution that doesn’t yet exist.
Our Pre Sales, Sales, Delivery and Support teams work closely together internally and with our clients from the start, so there is continuity in our relationships, with no hidden surprises and no miscommunication.

Working tightly as a team to understand our clients’ needs means we can build a solution around their business case, with the best outcomes. You won’t see fragmented teams and departments with messy handovers – we are ONE iMeta team.

We set our core values over 20 years ago and they are still as current today. We are proud to have kept our integrity as our offering has developed over the years. But don’t take our word for it, ask our clients – we are 100% referenceable.

iMeta is happy to prove our ability to solve your challenges in a proof of concept, so get in touch to put us to the test.