The New Managed KYC Service

We are very encouraged by the response to our recent announcement of the Lysis CLM managed service powered by iMeta

The number of people who have reached out to our firms is a clear indication of the urgent need for this type of specialist service. During our many conversations with clients and other industry participants, there is increasing recognition that the consequences of being in breach of the SMCR (and other regulatory directives) on both the institutions and their employees could be life-changing – and not in a good way!

Traditional methods of handling the complexities of client onboarding, be it manual or with the use of legacy workflow applications, are now becoming completely redundant, or at best increasingly challenging, as there is absolutely no way of ensuring regulatory surety across the entire operation. Immediate action is required to automate these high-profile, high-risk bearing functions, in order to safeguard the business and its people, both now and in the future.

The new managed KYC service is a competitively priced solution and has been specifically designed to support the needs of small to medium size financial institutions. It provides on-demand access to a deep pool of highly skilled industry practitioners, who all have hands-on experience of this increasingly complex, and fast-changing, regulatory-driven world.

Clients will also benefit from being part of the growing community of financial firms already using iMeta’s world-class, proven CLM software platform, to successfully manage all their client on-boarding needs. What’s not to like? Get in touch if you want to know more.

Watch out for our new joint strategy paper on this very subject ‘Effective Client Onboarding & Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) – The Stakes Just Got Higher!’ which will be published on Thursday 15th June 2017.