Impact paper: Gaining a single client view of data across the enterprise

(London, 13 November 2018)

A new impact paper by iMeta highlights the urgency of having a single client view of data across the enterprise for efficient Client Lifecycle Management.

  • Boards can boost competitiveness and profitability if they grasp the opportunity
  • Enhanced data management is today’s competitive differentiator

The urgent need for enhanced data management is revealed in an impact paper published today by iMeta, a leading supplier of Client Lifecycle and Master Data Management software. The strategy paper ‘Joining the Dots – Achieving a single client view across the enterprise’ reveals the importance of creating an enterprise-wide consolidated view of all customer relationships and explores why these business requirements have only recently reached the Board agenda.

Authored by Ben Marsh, CEO of iMeta, with guest contributions from Greg Hannah, CEO, and Stuart McClymont, Managing Director of JDX Consulting – a leading UK financial services consultancy – it lays bare the challenges that financial institutions face when trying to create a consolidated picture of every client relationship they hold. At a time when the industry faces real pressures to transform operational processes, the paper is a wake-up call to businesses not to get left behind by agile competitors.

The authors review the implications of increasing regulatory demands; address the diverse needs of both the modern customer and the workforce; assess the impact of emerging competition and the consequences of continued dependence on outdated working practices and ageing legacy systems.

  • Why have so many firms been slow in adapting to the new market environment?
  • Why are they still struggling to onboard clients quickly and efficiently?
  • What’s happened to catapult these matters onto the executive agenda?

These questions have been answered and fresh thinking has been provided on what improvements can be made to positively affect a firm’s approach to critical client data.

Ben Marsh, CEO, iMeta said: “Businesses are at last realising that enhancing client data management is the key to creating a sustainable and successful business. Compliance, demanding customers and new competitors with cutting edge offerings have all exposed the urgent need for firms to drive down their costs, improve profitability and find innovative ways to attract new clients, whilst improving existing customer relationships. Enabling firms to ‘join the dots’ across the enterprise gives them a better understanding of the entire client lifecycle engagement and provides them with significant competitive differentiators. Our paper examines the issues and explains why it has become crucial to act now.”

In discussions with clients, iMeta has identified the huge benefits that can be derived from having access to consolidated, validated client data in a digitised, highly automated Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) process. CLM is highly complex, as evidenced by the industry being awash with stories of stalled client data consolidation projects, but the good news is that iMeta has proved, through its work with several firms, that it is possible. A joined-up approach to enterprise wide client data management – delivering a single client view across the organisation – is what ‘Joining the Dots’ is all about.

The prizes on offer are far reaching and include: best-in-class onboarding and account opening, regulatory compliance, adherence to AML and KYC, improved customer service and relationships, empowerment of client management teams, immediate access to accurate information, streamlined ability to target wealth development opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling and entire client lifecycle management.

About iMeta

iMeta is a leading provider of Onboarding, Client Lifecycle and Master Data Management software and services; delivering solutions to the global financial services industry. iMeta Technologies enables organisations to fully automate and manage the complex regulatory and operational data required to transact with their customers through the iMeta CLM platform. The system complies with KYC and AML requirements and regulatory demands such as MiFIDII, DFA and EMIR – offering regulatory surety and delivering a single, accurate client view across the organisation.

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