Empowering the Front Office

Do you work in the Front Office and want to have more of a say?

Working in the Front Office means you are the link between the customer and your organisation.
Therefore, you are often the first person a customer calls when something goes wrong!
Being drawn into the world of operational processes to ensure your customers get the delivery and experience they expect can be frustrating, time-consuming, and may not run as smoothly as you or your customers would wish.
iMeta Technologies understands these problems first-hand. We are driving an agenda for change to put the power back in the hands of the Front Office, to ensure you are not wasting valuable time and missing out on revenue potential.

iMeta Technologies multiracial colleagues watching video on laptop

To get involved please contribute a few minutes of your time to answer this focused survey.
We are happy to share the results with you and are planning to bring a community of front office professionals together in 2022 to a series of London-based social events.
The survey results are completely confidential, so why don’t you join the conversation and have your say now?